The Springs Institute of Christian Thought exists to articulate, explain, and deepen the understanding of the Christian Worldview.

Christian Worldview Argument Map Project

Project involves creating a content containing a large-scale argument map articulating what Christians believe and why they believe it and contrasting it with other belief systems. This involves collaboration with orthodox Christian organizations, churches, and educational institutions to define and articulate Christian beliefs and arguments for Christianity. It also includes developing ways to effectively communicate those beliefs to believers and non-believers. The goal is to persuade non-believers and strengthen believers. The Springs Institute seeks to cultivate relationships with the following to build a database of argument map content:


- Churches

- Seminaries

- Christian Apologetics Organizations

- Christian Universities

Argument Mapping Analysis Project

This project involves doing research and developing tools to help create and analyze lines of argumentation, thought-processing to communicate how people think and reason within their worldview. Lines of argumentation analysis involves use of artificial intelligence and natural language learning to create “what if” scenarios for predictive analysis and near real-time argument map creation.



Our specialists will provide content analysis and assistance with producing argumentation analysis and argument mapping.


We offer consultancy across a diverse range of issues that intersect your viewpoint and help develop effective responses.

Content Development

We provide deep analysis and production of argument, discussion, and dialogue mapping content for presentation in a wide variety of formats.

Target or Beneficiary Groups

The following are our target beneficiary



Churches wishing to publish their statements of faith, theology, and Christian Worldview in a more robust and relevant way and deepening the understanding of believers in their church of what that church believes and why they believe it.

Christian Organizations

Organizations wanting to publish, explain and advocate their positions on various issues including public policy, life, and family issues from a Christian Worldview perspective.

Christian Educational Institutions

Institutions helping students explain and define the Christian Worldview and dialogue with non-believers in a respectful and loving way

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